Boston’s WriterBoss is an agency that connects busy people with highly educated writers. WriterBoss can help you find a writer with a style you like, and who also has the knowledge necessary for your manuscript, your academic major, or your research topic.


Nursing Degrees

Many people who hire writers through are working on Nursing degrees to get their LPN, RN, or a DNP. Nurses need to continue their educations if they want to advance in their careers, but they’re also asked to work long hours, so it’s very common for nurses to place orders with WriterBoss, and get help with papers and discussion posts.

Business Administration/Management

We also write for a lot of people completing their MBA, the Masters of Business Administration. Their areas of concentration include strategic management, finance, communication, international business, marketing, Human Resource Management, and a lot of global topics, such as cross-cultural leadership, ethical recruitment practices, and sustainable business.

Education/Lesson Plans

We also have a lot of experience writing for teachers as they work toward their bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees in education. We can write about educational leadership, early childhood education, and writing lesson plans based on state learning standards and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

PhD Dissertations & Thesis Papers

When it’s time to write your PhD dissertation or thesis paper, email WriterBoss to discuss some topics that interest you and plan a review of literature for your proposal.  We’ll discuss all the recent advancements related to your topic, and we’ll derive great research questions from the existing research literature. We can design an original quantitative or qualitative research study and work for you every step of the way, though data collection, analysis, and presentation of the findings.

English Language Learners (ELL/ESL) 

Some of our customers are also English learners. If it takes you a long time to write papers, because English is your second language, WriterBoss can put you with a writer who will use ‘simple Engish, with short, clear sentences. We review the instructions and cite high-quality articles from professional journals.  All the papers are original, and we are online every day to help with whatever you need.

Hire a writer for articles, papers, research proposals, online classes, powerpoint presentations, and any other writing task.

For more information, give us a call or TEXT your email address to 413-749-BOSS (2677)

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