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I network with legitimate, professional writers who are very good at their work. The papers can be checked with Turnitin.com.

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When you order a paper, it will be written from scratch and sent only to you. Only a few people will be involved — me, you, and one or two writers qualified in your area of study. This is a small operation. For even more privacy, you can pay with Bitcoin and encrypt your messages with PGP.

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That’s why we use a trial for only $15. Pay for a trial, and the writers will complete the first 200 words to demonstrate that they can write well and follow instructions. If you don’t like the writing style, we can try you with a different writer. And there’s never any obligation to continue unless you’re completely comfortable with making an order.

Will the writer use the format and referencing style I need?

Yes, professional academic writers are fluent in all major citation styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, AMA, and others. You can send the specific guidelines from your school, and I’ll make sure the writers follow them.

Can I work with the same writer every week until my class is over?

Yes, I prefer to keep you with the same writer if you order every week, because it’s more efficient for all of us. But if you don’t like the writing style, I’ll switch you to a different writer.

How much does it cost?

New customers can pay $15 and receive the first 200 words to see how the paper will look.

The normal price is $12 per 100 words. So, $120 gets you 1,000 words, and $1,200 gets you a 10,000-word thesis. The writers will not ask you to pay for large orders all at once. It’s okay to pay for just a few pages at a time.

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Example #2: We will complete a 50-page dissertation in ten weeks for $160-$189 per week, depending on the requirements.

They also offer discounts for large orders. If your order is for 10-15 pages, you’ll save $20+. If your order is larger than 15 pages, send all files and information to Help@WriterBoss.com for an even better discount.

Additional fees apply if you have extra requirements (Example: quantitative analysis, charts, graphs, or anything that makes the project require extra time).

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How do I pay?

We accept payment by Paypal, Credit Card, and Bitcoin. After you request a price quote, you can pay right away and we’ll begin the work.

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