I look at the original paper parameters, and set up the essay. I use only EBSCO and peer reviewed references, and APA citations.


I write the paper in sections. Sometimes they need to be submitted on your end in sections, especially those papers that have a section due at a time (to make sure you are on the right track).


I write/edit/type the sections for you as “milestones” and submit them for payment. You pay for each section separately.


You are able to make any changes to the paper from me that you want, and you should make changes along the way to make it your own. In that respect I am really tutoring you to help you make the best represented paper as possible.


Unfortunately, once the paper is submitted several negatives will occur.

a. The instructors today (bless ’em) want the students to submit their papers to other students (Quel Dommage). I have never participated in this peer review when I was teaching, and do not understand it even today. Another student is in no way qualified to correct or critique a professional paper written by you, but no matter. b. Next, instructors will, dare I say it, make mince meat and murder a perfectly good to great paper for no apparent reason. Maybe they want to retire and can’t, or maybe they hate their life. No matter, you will be on the end of suffering and let’s just say a crucifixion would feel 1,000 better. I am not joking. That paper will be “bled red” and you will be instructed to look over the “critique” and correct it LINE BY LINE. Unfortunately, this can take hours and hours to do, and the worst news is if you do NOT make all of the corrections, it will be graded as an F. There is no way around this event if it does happen. c. In the unlikely event that the paper is passed through to an intelligent instructor, it will receive most likely a very good grade. But, and I must underscore this: even a perfect paper will be seen as “Oh no, there MUST be something wrong with it, we are amiss in our duties as the reviewing board if we don’t find it” whatever they deem that “it” to be.


After the redo’s if any, the paper will be submitted again, and the normal dissertation process will commence. If any section of the paper is rejected – you will be instructed to lather, rinse, repeat.

Where does it leave me? I am happy to write your paper for you. You should read it, I can tutor you and actually show you how to write better for the future as well. The drama of the repeats, redos, reviews and regurgitating of the paper – unfortunately, I am not interested in the grade or the process of that (you don’t ever need to tell me the specifics, as I have no interest in that info; I just need the topic). So, this is it. I can help you write better, can advise you on how to be a better writer overall and you can write it, write it for you or some combination of the above. I am available by email and mobile phone to answer your questions. I cannot submit it and then have the redos as I will have moved on to other work by then. Let me know if you want to talk by phone, I am a real person, not a robot. Let me know what type of help you might want, I tutor adult students on writing better all the time.