When you hire someone for Resume Writing Service, make sure you get both the resume and the writing service.

  • The resume is a presentation of your skills and experiences.
  • The writing service is when an experienced professional helps you choose a theme to be carried by that presentation.

Have you ever given a presentation in front of a group? If so, maybe you chose a theme for your presentation. A theme can be a single idea, or even a single word.

One idea is exactly the amount of information the hiring manager can remember after skimming through your information. If the hiring manager will remember one word to associated with you after reading your resume, what do you want that word to be?

When you express interest in an opportunity, what will be the theme of your presentation?

The theme is “authenticity”. A hiring manager wants to remain objective and hire people s/he can justify hiring. S/he does not want to hire you if you’re going to think you successfully manipulated her/him with eloquent words in a resume. Eloquent writing and an attractive format are superficial things. If you have a resume written and formatted in the most sophisticated way the hiring manager has ever seen, that might not help you. Only authenticity can help you.

Achieve authenticity through modesty. The way to add authenticity to your resume is to be modest. What has modesty got to do with authenticity? People who are trying to present themselves in the best possible light are being inauthentic; the authentic people are the ones who are not trying too hard. Likewise, the person whose resume reeks of egotism is not authentic; s/he is too busy getting high on the fumes from a steaming pile of self-importance. Modesty and professionalism make it possible for the hiring manager’s mind to tolerate the idea of you.

Achieve modesty by putting the organization first. There is a “right” type of person to hire, you know. There are two types of people in the world – those who can find satisfaction in being part of a great team and contributing to the success of an organization, and those who cannot.

It’s important enough to say again: Are you the type of person who can find satisfaction in contributing to the success of an organization?

Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re the type of person who gives minimal effort. Or maybe you’re the type of egotistical person nobody can even stand to be around.

Add an executive summary to your resume that demonstrates that your focus is on the organization – not on yourself. Do not fail to burn an idea into her/his brain: I want to be part of a great team and contribute to success. The executive summary at the top of a resume is a single paragraph. It’s enough to share one idea.

If you send your resume to me, someone on my team will add an executive summary added to it. The next day, someone else will improve it. On the third day, one of us will look at it again and make more improvements before sending it to you.

We will focus on letting the reader know you’re the type of person who seeks pleasure from doing a good job and making a contribution. This humble, hard-working personality type characterizes the people given the most opportunity. If you are a more aggressive, ambitious personality type, that’s all the more reason to represent yourself as a modest team-player.

The modest team player is rare. Fifty people out of a hundred know how to be happy employees who sincerely try to do a good job. The other fifty people out of a hundred are the ones who try to resist working hard, and they complain about it every step of the way. You already intuitively know that, don’t you? You know there are good employees and bad ones, and you know authenticity is what the hiring manager is really looking for. The hiring manager is not interested in every detail of your skills and experience, but he wants to find out if you are one of the good ones or one of the bad ones.

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