We get a lot of nervous, first-time customers wondering what they should expect when hiring a writer — we understand. To better serve you and address your concerns, here’s a start-to-finish outline of how it usually works, and what you can expect when you hire a writer through WriterBoss.

First, here’s a video about our services:

There are a few ways you can submit an order to us:

  • Send an email to Help@WriterBoss.com or writerboss.com@gmail.com
  • Use the contact form on our website
  • Call or text us at 413-749-BOSS (2677)

We have writers available for many types of assignments, but our most common subjects include business and nursing and usually require work with APA style.

How It Works

Many of our customers are active military, veterans, nurses, MBA candidates, students with full-time jobs, or other busy people trying to balance school with the rest of their lives.

Since we understand that struggle, we can do everything from small papers to entire classes for you—simply get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you can turn in your work on time.

Quick, send us the instructions!

When choosing the assignments you want us to complete, keep in mind that earlier is always better when it comes to getting in touch. Last-minute work often gets rush pricing, so keeping a close eye on your schedule can save you money and help us finish everything on time. If you want to get an advance idea for how much your paper might cost, you can always check out the price quote tool on our site.

We prefer email or our contact form, since it allows you to give us the clearest instructions and attach any guidelines or rubrics for us to follow. Don’t worry about overloading us with details—it’s good to give us as much information as possible so we can do the assignment correctly.

After getting in touch with us, you’ll talk with one of our agents keeping an eye on our inbox and phone. This agent will answer any questions you, clarify any assignment details, and propose a deadline for getting your work returned before sending you a link for payment.

How are payments made?

Most first-time customers take advantage of our $15 trial: We’ll send a title page, a reference page, and 150 words of your paper. When you see the quality of our writing, you’ll feel confident about completing your order.

When you’re ready to pay $15 for a trial, we will send you a PayPal link (which works with PayPal or major credit and debit cards). You don’t need to have a PayPal account, as long as you have a credit/debit card.

After the trial, you can pay for the rest of your order. If you’re a new customer, we’ll welcome you with a small ($10) discount when we send you a payment link for the balance to complete the whole project.

Example: If you need your paper to be 3-4 pages long, you can order 1,000 words. After the trial, the balance will be $108.80. New customers get a discount, so your balance to pay after the trial will be $98.80.

Note: If you prefer to pay for papers/essays with bitcoin, ask for our receiving address.

What happens to your order?

When you place an order through WriterBoss, only a few people will be involved – your agent, your writer in charge of the order, and possible one more person to help with ‘quality control’.

Your assignment will be written by the most qualified person for the job. Our network includes writers from a variety of backgrounds with have experience with everything from undergraduate 101 classes to PhD dissertations. Most of us have multiple areas of specialization because we’ve helped with so many papers and online classes.

Whether you’re studying Nursing, Education, Business Administration, or any other subject, we’ll have a writer to follow along with your class and write papers (and discussion posts) every week.

Getting your order

We will email your completed assignment: a 100% original paper with a cover page & reference list, written from scratch and ready for you to check it with Turnitin.

After we’ve sent your paper, we’ll continue to be online every day to help with anything you need. If you find that the writer missed a requirement, we’ll fix it quickly for free. Other edits, such as constructive criticism from a helpful professor for a dissertation, capstone, or thesis, will most likely cost extra. The exact fee for these changes varies with each case, but we will always have an upfront conversation with you to establish what you need and how much it might cost.

Common myths, busted

Our service is not like many of the other academic writing services you may have used. New customers who email us make the mistake of thinking we’re underqualified or will take their money and run; the reality is that we’re a real business and have a stake in seeing you perform well. For that reason, we want to bust some of the typical concerns we hear:

“You won’t hire native English speakers.”

Wrong! Our writers are from the United States, because most of our clients are from the United States. Customers need writing styles that match their own. If you need UK or AU style English, we can refer you in the right direction, but the writers in our network almost all have American writing styles, American spellings, and cite articles from American and international journals. Most of the papers we write must be formatted according to the APA (American Psychological Association) manual, 6th edition.

“You’re just going to copy and paste an assignment like everyone else.”

Let’s set the record straight: we write 100% original papers, every time. A real writer looks at your rubric and creates your paper from scratch using hand-picked resources. We would never risk our credibility on a sloppy cut-and-paste job, because we value our work and want you to be a repeat customer.

“This is plagiarism.”

Actually, it’s not. First of all, we’re producing 100% original papers. Second, we do not recommend you submit an assignment from us straight to your instructor; it is wiser to use the work we produced as a detailed example, and make any necessary changes to fit your voice and style.

“You’re just going to ditch me after I pay.”

Again, we want you to be a repeat customer—so if you have a question or concern, we’ll be ready to respond whenever you contact us. We offer a TRIAL for only $15, so you can see that we’re serious about writing great papers.

Have more questions?

We look forward to working with you! Email us anytime at Help@WriterBoss.com