After a decade of academic writing, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to hear what people think about it. Especially when I discuss it in online forums, I’m told that it’s unethical. That if you hire an essay writer you’re doing something wrong. They also tell me I’m part of the problem, and sometimes they tell me things I didn’t know about my mom. It doesn’t bother me though, because I know that I provide a valuable service that really helps people.

How did I come to that conclusion? Did I make so much money that I don’t care what people think? Ha ha ha, no. What happened is that I met a lot of customers. The people I work with are the reason I know that academic writing isn’t wrong. In fact, it helps a lot of people who have incredible talent and motivation. Here’s why it’s okay to hire an essay writer, from a writer’s perspective.

Every customer is different, but over the years I have noticed three types of people that make my work worthwhile, and make me believe in what I do. They are:

1. The Workhorses

These customer are busy professionals, and many of them are from stressful fields that keep the world running, like educators, EMTs, and small business owners of all types.

When I tell people that people in these fields might hire an essay writer, they often react with shock, shock and horror, that I would ever help a nurse or teacher advance their education. I’m sure they imagine that I am sending folks into operating rooms when they can’t tell the difference between stitches and a nail gun.

Well, some people’s high horse is so tall that they have trouble seeing the ground. The workhorses are customers that provide important services to the rest of us while managing normal, busy lives. They have families, they work overtime, and they attend class on top of it all.

If you think academic writers are bad for helping these busy people focus on what is really important, then answer this: the next time you are in the back of an ambulance, do you want you EMT to explain the thematic differences between Othello and King Lear, or will you be relieved that they spent their time learning which end of you to put the respirator on?

2. The (brilliant) ESL Customer

Why would a brilliant person need to hire an essay writer? Because to be good at something you have to focus on it. When you focus on one thing, you don’t focus on others. I have many customers that are absolutely brilliant. Sometimes they are rising to the top of their field in their home country, and were given the opportunity to study at a U.S. school because of their talent. However, they are not native English speakers. Even if they have world-changing ideas it might not be recognized, because they can’t communicate as well as others.

This might be my favorite customer because it helps the exact kind of people who deserve it: smart, motivated, and useful to the rest of us. I have absolutely no problem writing a paper for these customers. It helps put their ideas on paper so they can get to a place where they benefit society.

3. The Lost

This sounds bad, but it’s really not. I’m talking about customers who are not getting the guidance they need to let their talent shine. Many of these customers are pursuing master’s degrees or doctorates, so they’re definitely intelligent. They might have faculty that aren’t paying attention, or had classes that didn’t prepare them correctly for rigorous research. Suddenly they’re expected to write a flawless 150 page thesis about a topic that has never been researched before. It can be really, really difficult, but a good academic writer has already seen the dissertation process and can explain what to do. In this sense they’re not just hiring someone to write papers, they’re getting a consultant who knows about the dissertation process.

This is important because we live in an age of reason, where progress is driven by research. I have seen some great research ideas that were held back for no good reason. In a way, academic writers fix the problems the education system creates for itself by giving the customer direction they should have already received.


If you’re wondering if it’s ethical to hire an essay writer, well, only you can answer that for yourself. But from a writer’s perspective the answer is yes, especially if you feel that you are in a similar situation to one of the groups above. For those customers hiring an essay writer isn’t dishonest, and it isn’t lazy. It’s a way of pursuing goals and making the best of a difficult situation.