I work with writers throughout the United States and Canada to help busy people with their classes.

I’m an **agent for hiring great writers.** Big new industry. I’ve been doing it for 14 years, ever since colleges started offering classes online.

Life is a fight, and people need our help to get ahead. We can write papers about anything. It’s okay to send a lot of detailed instructions – when you ask us to write something, we want to make sure we crush it, every time.

American working class people are under a lot of pressure, and doing their jobs + degree programs ends up being like a crazy circus stunt.

**People are going to be mean to me when I post this.** They will say my profession is unethical.

But a LOT of people need writers. Busy professionals have real life responsibilities. The deeper you dig, the more you find out academic writing for busy adults, shackled to their job and family responsibilities, is NOT unethical.

**Besides, you don’t want me writers starving to death, do you?** Academic Paper Ghosts are trying to make their livings. We want to do well for you and keep you as part of our clientele.

**But I got the remedy:**. Quick and easy – people call/email to tell me about their class, and I set them up with a writer qualified for their area of study.

If you get promoted, and you have all kind of new responsibilities, won’t you want to focus on work instead of papers? It’s easy for critics to say, “Stop taking classes and pick it up again later when you have more time,” but fast-paced people of the digital age never have enough time.

People need papers now. They need assignments, capstone projects, thesis papers, and dissertations — even discussion posts for online classes. That’s the stuff we do. And we make it possible for degree candidates to save a lot of time & spend it with family, or their jobs.

We write papers, so our clients can focus on their families, their jobs, their health, and other responsibilities. Philosophically, you might say “people should write their own papers,” and that’s true in general. But sometimes you really just need to hire a writer.

And we are really, really good at following instructions and writing authentic papers. Every paper comes with a free Works Cited/Reference page in APA format. We also do discussion posts and replies. If higher education is being turned into a business, and profit takes priority over quality, I will help my clients attack it and win.