Yes, I really find paid gigs for writers.

All writing websites claim to offer high quality, but I’m in a position to actually keep that promise.  Writing websites spring up from regions in every part of the world, but less than 10% of the world’s population has access to higher education.  I was lucky enough to be born in Boston, and I received my education in Massachusetts.

I’ve been in business for almost 15 years, setting writers up with people who need help. I maintain a writing service for customers who need personalized service, top quality, and excellent sources cited in APA style.

I can’t guarantee any writing gigs. I just want to connect with experienced writers, and I’ll offer what I can.

I know a trick about doing a little extra and having a huge payoff. 

The old way of doing business was to maximize profit from their customers and minimize the amount they pay their workers. This transaction-cost approach is short-sighted. The new paradigm in business is an approach called the Resource Based View (RBV).

According to RBV, the greatest long-term value comes from paying people a little more in order to gain their loyalty. That way, as they improve their skill they stay with you instead of seeking opportunities with your competitors.

As writers increase their skill, they can provide better efficiency for the business and better value for customers. That small investment in quality equates to a large amount of success, because our writers keep high standards of quality, and our customers tell their friends: I send assignments to WriterBoss, and they kill it every time.

It works with everything.  I tip the delivery driver an extra dollar, pay writers a little more, give a little more of my time to family, etc.  It’s always better to show that I’m willing to go the extra mile.

Anybody can offer a writing service, but I hold the writers to a higher standard and pay a little more to ensure they stay motivated.

It’s the same strategy that made Apple so successful; they innovated better versions of the most exciting new technologies.  If I’m a little better than all my competition, I can work with a lot more clients.

Writing is already in high demand, so my focus is on superior quality.  

If you’re a writer, that means I’ll try to send you a lot of work if you triple-check to make sure every single requirement is fulfilled. Everything you write should have some meaningful theme.  All pleasure comes from irony in one form or another, including the irony inherent in conflict resolution – or conflict inherent in surprise. Writing well plays a trick, trips the senses.  Even if you are hired to write something formal, carry the reader along with the active voice, imagery words, action verbs, and real inspiration.

If you’re my client, it means you can expect top quality, every time.

If you need to hire a writer for any reason, I hope you’ll contact me.

Reliable Writers in the United States

A lot of people need help from writers, but most online writing services are do not have writers in the United States and they cannot match your own writing style.

I put people with writers who enjoy their work, follow instructions carefully, and write with a clear, straightforward, academic English.

WriterBoss is a small operation, but we have the resources and writers to help you achieve your goal.  We built a network of writers in the United States who provide high-quality content for papers, presentations, articles, doctoral dissertations, grant proposals, and anything else you could possibly need. People hire writers to promote businesses, write papers, edit manuscripts, assist with dissertations/thesis papers, or prepare articles for publication in professional journals. We also help with a lot of online classes.

Quickly and easily send me instructions for your writing project.

People need help from reliable writers, but reliable writers are hard to find.  Even when you find a writer with strong work ethic s/he may not be the best writer for your unique needs.

I find paid writing gigs by working with web developers, social media marketing people, and a lot of promotion experts with specialized knowledge.  I also interact with customers and make sure they get everything they need.

Some gigs require specialized knowledge, like keyword research, evidence-based practice (EBP), lesson planning based on Bloom’s taxonomy, APA referencing, statistical analysis, or quantitative/qualitative research design. Others just require some creativity and honest effort.

**Everybody needs an agent for hiring a writer.** Email me when you need something written, and I’ll connect you with someone who can make it happen.

A lot of websites can connect you with a writer, but I keep it kind of exclusive.  I work only with experienced writers, and they are a little more expensive.  I offer personalized service, to give people exactly what they need:

  • If you’re from the United States and need American English, I will have your writing done by an experienced freelance writer from the United States.
  • If you need something written for bilingual/multilingual English language learners (ELL), I will provide ‘simple’, clear English.
  • If you need a review of literature or a research design, I’ll work with an expert in APA qualified to write about your research topic.

My clients include: Busy professionals, American soldiers, website owners, teachers, graduate students, nurses, hospital administrators, and anyone promoting a product or service. Some are too busy to write, while others are bilingual/multilingual and struggling with a language barrier.  Many of my clients are ‘blocked’ against writing, or they just want content infused with valuable ideas from an inspired writer.

My writers provide: Web content, ghostwriting, marketing presentations, clinical trial reports, professional letters, resume/professional bio, research writing, and side presentations.

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