“How does hiring a writer work?” Hiring an academic writer for the first time.

The most common question I hear when a customer calls us for the first time is, “How does this work?” A lot of customers have never hired a writer before and don’t know what to expect. The good news is that in a lot of ways it’s like hiring someone for any other service. Let’s go over how a new customer can get started.

Step One: Get in Touch

What I have realized over the years is that when a new customer asks “How does hiring a writer work?” they’re really asking “how can I trust you?” There are a lot of writing companies, and some of them have dirtied the pool for us honest academics. Good writing companies aren’t afraid of transparency and discussion, so the first step is to establish communication.

Today there is no reason why a writing company can’t have an email address, phone, and even chat.

Anybody can put up a website, so if you aren’t sure if a company is trustworthy it’s a good idea to communicate with a real person through whatever method is easiest for you. At the very least, they should seem professional and be able to answer most questions.

Step Two: Ask About a Writing Sample

The next step to establishing trust when you hire a writer for the first time is to order a small amount of work. Unless you already trust the company, you want to try them out before ordering a lot of pages. This won’t be a problem for serious companies because it helps them out too: a trial helps get the order started quickly.

At WriterBoss we have a $15 trial that lets you buy a little bit of writing at a discount, so you can test the quality. Most customers like what they see, but when the trial is finished you can ask questions or make suggestions. That way we know exactly what to do when you order the rest of the paper.

Step Three: Send Instructions

After you order a sample, the next step should always be to send documents and instructions. It doesn’t matter if you send them through email or through a website, but always, always send them. The same goes for anything you tell someone on the phone. By making sure there is an email record, you and your writer will always have something to refer to. The company should know what to ask for, but when in doubt don’t take chances.

Step Four: Planning the Work

After you have received the trial you can look it over, and either ask questions or order the rest of the paper. By now the service you are working with should be able to quote the full paper and tell you when it will be ready. This isn’t always true because some types of writing, like dissertations, always have lots or edits. For most papers though this is the last stage, and you can wait to receive your completed paper.

And here’s some advice…

Here’s a couple other things that can help when you hire a writer for the first time:

  • Make sure you tell the company your deadline, and to set it a little early if you can. You’ll want time to look everything over before you submit it.
  • Quickly send any new information or questions before the writing starts. If the instructions change after the writing starts then its extra work for the writer, and that means it could be more expensive for you.

There are the basics, but there are a lot of other questions you might have. Why not ask about them? Send us an email or visit our website to see how we can help!

How to hire a writer for assignment help

If you’re trying to hire a writer for assignment help, this article will tell you how to do it. Here are the two main ideas:

  1. Choose a writing service that has a website. Don’t post a gig. It’s safer to get assignment help through a reputable company than to hire some unemployed person browsing gigs on craigslist.
  2. Start with a small payment. Even if you need help with a ten-page assignment, ask the writing service to start with a small order and write a few paragraphs. I’ve been a writer-for-hire for more than ten years, and I always appreciate it when someone allows me to write one page and prove that I’m qualified.

In the paragraphs below, I’ll explain why these two ideas are so important. Finding the best way to hire a writer for assignment help is not as easy as you might think.  Sure, you can post a gig on craigslist and you’ll get a lot of offers, but the people who want the gig are NOT qualified. Go ahead and try it right now – post a gig on a classified ad website and say you want college assignment help.  Most of the people will reply with an email that has just one sentence, low effort.  Many will have writing styles that show they’re still trying to learn English, so their writing style will not match your own.

Finally, you find someone with a writing style similar to your own, and now you have you have to figure out how to pay him. He suggests, “You can pay me half how and half upon completion.” That sounds reasonable, so you go ahead with it and then you don’t hear from him for a while.  The deadline is approaching, so you email to ask for an update and he reassures you he’ll send the paper on time.

On the day before the deadline he sends a paper that needs a lot of improvement. You can tell him tried to do a good job, but he also overlooked several requirements.  You email to tell him about it, but he doesn’t reply right away.  Now you have a paper you can’t use, and it’s awkward for you to try to rewrite some parts of the paper. So, you did hire a writer and get the assignment help he agreed to provide, but you were forced to rewrite most of the paper. Should you pay him the other half of the fee, or not?

Who cares!  Pay him, or don’t pay him. You still failed to hire a writer and get efficient, reliable assignment help.  The whole thing was a waste of time.  To help you have more success when you hire a writer, I’ll give these two key strategies:

Here’s the most important advice about how to hire a writer for assignment help:

Don’t pay for half up front and the rest upon completion.  That is a bad way to hire a writer.  There’s a right way, and I’ll tell you how.  To hire a writer for assignment help, use the following two steps:

Choose a writing service with a website.  Don’t post a gig.  People who need to hire a writer for assignment help can either browse writing service websites OR post a gig so freelancers can submit their proposals. If you post a gig, you’ll spend a lot of time reading proposals, and then you end up hiring someone who is not qualified. It’s better to hire someone who has spent enough time to create a website and promote a real writing service.  Someone like that is more committed to the success of her/his clientele.  It’s a lot safer to get assignment help through a reputable company than to hire some unemployed person browsing gigs on craigslist.

Start with a small payment.  Did you consider the option to hire a writer for just one page of your assignment? Even if you need help with a ten-page assignment, tell him to write a few paragraphs for $20!   Let him show you how he would begin to write the paper.  There is nothing wrong with this request.

I’m a writer-for-hire from Massachusetts, and I like helping with college classes.  I’m kind of an expert when it comes to the question of how to hire a writer for assignment help.  When you order through WriterBoss, we’re willing to start by writing just one page, or we can start with a TRIAL for only $15.  Any qualified writer will want to prove her/his ability. My name is Noah, and you can email me at Help@WriterBoss.com

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